What We Do

Our Model

At Penn State EnvironMentors, we pair each of our high school students participants with an undergraduate student, a faculty member, and graduate student, who serve as their mentors. Together, our high school students with their undergraduate student and faculty mentors form research teams for the academic year. Each week the students will spend two hours of research with the faculty mentors and four hours with their undergraduate mentors. The undergraduate student will act as a lab assistant to the faculty mentor in order to help the research progress smoothly.


Our Goals

For our chapter, our goals are the 3 R’s: Recruitment, Retention, and Role Models.

Recruitment: We hope to bring more underrepresented high school and undergraduate students into STEM fields.

Retention: Once these students are involved in the EnvironMentors program, we hope to maintain their interest in pursuing higher education in STEM-related and other studies

Role Models: In the EnvironMentors program, both Undergraduates and high school students are paired with faculty mentors that supervise, lead, and direct in their researches. The undergraduate mentors’ role is to be a mentor that the high students can come to with questions about college life and experiences. Through mentorship, we hope that healthy, positive, and impactful relationships are established within research groups.



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