EnvironMentors Harrisburg Campus Kickoff

Penn State Harrisburg campus is located in Middletown, Pennsylvania. Harrisburg is one of two campuses that will work with University Park in the EnvironMentors Program. This academic year, we have officially started our EnvironMentors chapter group at the Harrisburg branch campus. We have successfully recruited high school student participants from two high schools in the area, Harrisburg High Sci-Tech campus, and Middletown High. We were also to recruit both faculty and undergraduate student mentors to lead and guide the high school students during this academic year.

Furthermore, research teams have been formed and have also started working on their research projects.  Lastly, last week on Tuesday, February 25th, our Harrisburg team held their official kickoff event during all program participants and student parents got together for the first time and learn more details about the EnvironMentors program and their research projects.

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